CritiCall Ontario's services include:

  • 24-hour-a-day emergency referral service for physicians across the Province of Ontario.
  • Facilitating advice (consultation) and effecting decisions (patient referral) for emergent, urgent and critically ill patients.
  • Access to Pediatric Critical Care Response Teams based at the province's designated Children's Hospitals
  • Facilitating 'repatriation' of patients sent out of the province by CritiCall, back to Ontario for the remainder of their care. (Click here for Prior Approval Application for Full Payment of Insured Out-of-Country Health Services)
  • Providing services for hospitals in the event of "major or moderate surge" and "disaster" that requires transfer of patients.
  • Providing a provincial bed board that documents the "status of" and "access to" acute care beds within the Province of Ontario.
  • Providing administrative and technical support for the Critical Care Information System (CCIS) as well as CCIS  implementation, training and problem-solving support to the critical care units in Ontario hospitals.

CritiCall Ontario also provides:

Support for Hospitals Experiencing Moderate Surge for Critical Care Services

  • If your hospital is experiencing a moderate surge related to demand for critical care services, your hospital’s Chief Executive Officer or designate can contact the province’s dedicated Surge Response Line at 1-877- ONTSURGE (668-7874) for assistance.
  • For more information about this service and surge response, please review the Moderate Surge Response Plan or select from the links below:
  • Process for Declaring a Moderate Surge: Algorithm outlining the step by step process for declaring a Moderate Surge.
  • Process for Accessing Provincial Ventilator Stockpile: Algorithm outlining the step by step process for access and release of ventilators from the provincial stockpile.
  • Index Hospital SBAR Form: To be completed by the Index Hospital’s critical care team (critical care manager, director or other delegate) and provided to the Hospital CEO/senior delegate prior to the Moderate Surge preamble call organized by CritiCall. 
  • Partner Hospital Reporting Form:  To be completed by Partner Hospitals prior to joining the Moderate Surge teleconference (organized by CritiCall)

Access to Ventilators for Critical Care Patients

  • If your hospital requires access to additional ventilators due to increasing demands for critical care services, contact CritiCall Ontario at 1-800-ONTHELP (668-4357).
  • Click here to review the Ventilator Request Process.

CritiCall Ontario Now Provides Transport Coordination for Confirmed Life or Limb Patients

CritiCall Ontario now coordinates the transport of Confirmed Life or Limb patients by directly contacting Ornge or the appropriate CACC on behalf of the referring hospital.
Referring physicians should continue to contact CritiCall Ontario at 1-800-668-4357 (HELP) for all emergent patients. If through the consultation process the patient is Confirmed Life or Limb, CritiCall Ontario will contact Ornge or the appropriate CACC directly to coordinate transport for the patient.
This change was implemented on December 9, 2015, as part of the One-Number-To-Call (ONTC) Project, coordinated by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC), CritiCall Ontario, Ornge, the Central Ambulance Communication Centres and Critical Care Services Ontario. The goal of ONTC is to ensure patients receive timely access to care at the closest, most appropriate hospital and via the most appropriate method of transport.
For more information about CritiCall Ontario’s role in ONTC, please refer to the ONTC Guide or click here to stream an informational webinar.The following documents have also been updated to reflect this expansion of CritiCall Ontario’s service.

If you would like more information about CritiCall Ontario's role in ONTC, please email

Provincial Policies and  Consultation Guidelines

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